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Inspiration for your Creative Side

4 FREE Inspirational Printables for Your Workspace

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Working day in and day out can be both exhausting and frustrating. On top of our daily jobs, we also have to manage a house hold, kids, keep up with relationships, maintain an exercise routine and more. It's a never ending cycle and sometimes we need a little extra motivation. I've created 4 free inspirational printables you can print out for your home office or for your desk at work. Sometimes being surrounded by positivity can completely change your mindset and hopefully help you through your day. All 4 printables are 8 x 10" PDF's. Feel free to print out as many as you like - and enjoy!

4 FREE Summer Printables

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Can you believe we're more than halfway through summer already?! This happens to me every year - I look forward to summer so much and it just passes me right by. Before we know it, it will be fall and we'll be getting ready for cooler weather and falling leaves...but let's worry about that a little later. 

Because summer is in full swing, I thought it might be fun to create some summer printable's you can download and enjoy before summer passes. Decorate your summer home [or everyday home], classroom [for those of you who teach summer school] or hang them in your cubicle to bring summer inside. All you need to do is download, print & add to your favorite 8 x 10″ frame! All 4 printables are 8 x 10" PDF's so feel free to download 1 or all of them.


Be a Pineapple - Quote + FREE Printable

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Be a pineapple??

I know this quote is a little old, but I've been seeing it pop up a lot more on Pinterest and social media lately. Perhaps it's making a 2017 comeback or maybe someone decided to resurrect it since some associate pineapples with summer. Who knows. I honestly didn't give it much thought when I first began seeing it and thought it was just a cutesy way to overlay text on top of an image of a pineapple. But the more I saw it, the more I began to understand it. I know it might sound weird, but I feel like we should all be more like a pineapple. Let me explain.

Stand tall.

Pineapples quite literally stand up on their own - they stand tall and proud. This is what we as a community and people should strive to do. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for someone else. Stand up for whatever it is you think you need to take a stance on. Just make sure to stand up tall and don't ever let anyone put you down. Be a defender. Be proud of who you are and live each day with dignity and grace. Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball or two and we may loose ourselves along the way. Just make sure to find your back and to not let yourself down. Brush off your shoulders, look straight ahead and stand tall.

Wear a crown.

Don't literally wear a crown, figuratively wear one. While you shouldn't expect to be treated like a princess, you should be treated fairly and with respect. We all deserve this. Know your worth. You have the right to every ounce of appreciation and courtesy as the next person. Live life with finesse and sophistication - be passionate and shoot for the stars and don't settle for anything less. 

Be sweet on the inside.

I know it's cliché to say, but it's not what's on the outside that counts it's what's on the inside. On the outside, pineapples are hard with a rough texture, but you can't judge it based on its outside appearance. This is 100% true with people as well. Life is all about being understanding and accepting to one another. Be kind and genuine. Be sweet on the inside. Make sure to always be the best YOU can be. Show the world how amazing you are. Show the world what you have to offer. 

We would all be better humans if we just remembered to be like a pineapple.


I've included a downloadable link to the 6" x 10" PDF. Feel free to print this out and frame it yourself so you can be inspired at home on a daily basis.

What quotes inspire you?

Jacqueline Wilson is an English children’s author and creator of this quote.

FREE PRINTABLE - 20 Spice Labels for Pantry Organization

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I love labeling and keeping everything neat and tidy, but lately I've been struggling with finding spices in my spice cabinet. Every time I need to find anything, I literally have to take each spice out one by one hoping I find what I need. I finally got sick of it and decided to created these printable spice labels. I printed mine from full-sheet shipping label paper, but you also print yours from standard printer paper and use Modge Podge to adhere it to the side. It is completely up to you!

What I've done is put each spice in Mini Glass Jelly Jar's (I bought mine from Bed Bath and Beyond) and placed the label directly on the outside of it. I decided to use these mini jelly jar's because I felt like mason jars were too large and I also wanted to optimize my cabinet space. 

Feel free to download and print any of the labels below. I've also included a blank one as well as a combined PDF including all 20 labels if you didn't want to pick and choose what you want. Hopefully these help you organize your spices as well as making it easier to find what you need. Enjoy! 

FREE Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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I hope you all had a fun Fourth of July and are ready to conquer the rest of the work week. For those of you who just hosted Fourth of July BBQ's and parties', I'm sure you've realized the clean up you'll have to do. Because of this, it seemed appropriate to create a weekly cleaning checklist you can download to help you prioritize. I hate cleaning as much as the next person, but for time management sometimes it's a good idea to take a couple quick small tasks you can do after work before relaxing at the end of the day (you shouldn't have to spend more than 45 minutes). By doing this, it should help keep your home under control and minimize the amount of time you'll have to spend cleaning during the weekend. You can download the checklist by clicking the button below!

Below are some of my go-to cleaning products to help you get started. 

Meal Prepping for the Week + FREE Printable Grocery List & Recipe Card!

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If you’re anything like me, the very idea of cooking dinner after a long day of work can leave you feeling exhausted - providing you an excuse to order take-out. I’ve found I’m spending way too much time cooking, shopping or prepping meals for a single night during the week. I finally got fed up with it and decided to try my hand at prepping freezer meals during the weekend for the entire week. By creating a grocery and recipe list of my weekly meals, I was hoping to save both time and money, thus giving me more downtime to relax after a full day at work. My ultimate goal was to create 10 freezers meals that I can pop directly into the slow cooker as I’m running out the door.

I went through several of my Crockpot books (and pins on Pinterest) and compiled 10 recipes that had similar ingredients so I wasn’t veering too far away from one another. As I sat down to try and organize my meal plan ideas, I quickly realized what a daunting task this was going to be. The biggest problem I discovered was trying to organize all my planned meals. I had all these great recipes in mind, but I was so overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out how much of each item I needed that I almost gave up. In the end, I decided to design a grocery list that I could print out and bring with me shopping so I could stay on track and not get distracted.

Here's some quick bullet points to help you get started:

• Create the List – Place your items into categories. This makes it easier to check off as you’re shopping. Tip: It’s helpful to write down the amount needed of each item so you aren’t relying on your memory.

Clearly, I wasn't prepared for the amount of food I would be freezing. Protip: Make room in your freezer beforehand. 

Clearly, I wasn't prepared for the amount of food I would be freezing. Protip: Make room in your freezer beforehand. 

Organize Freezer Bags – Grab some gallon size Ziploc bags and a Sharpie. Pre-Label each bag and write any prepping that needs to be done when re-heating. Ex: adding a cup of water.

• Prepare Bags – Simply take all the ingredients and throw them in the bag. This is the best part because presentation isn’t important.

• Place in Freezer – If organization is important to you, you can gently fold the bags in half and stack them one on top of the other.

• When Ready to Heat – I usually take the meal from the freezer and put into the refrigerator the night before. This isn’t necessary, I only do this just in case the frozen food is too large to fit in the slow cooker

I apologize for the lack of prepping photos. I was honestly so overwhelmed I just wanted to focus on completing each recipe!

The recipe card is 4” x 6” and fits perfectly into a photo album for easy organization and protection. Download and print out as many copies as you want!

Do you have any recipes you’re excited to try out?

Enjoy and happy prepping!

- Jess

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