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15 More Font Pairings to Try in Canva

15 More Font Pairings to Try in Canva


One of the biggest issues I've seen in design is poor font pairing. And with so many bloggers creating their own images, I've been seeing it a lot more. The main reason for this is the lack of knowledge. And although some may not have a design background, I honestly feel that with the proper tools anyone can learn. 

In November, I posted 10 font pairings you can try in Canva. I talked a little bit about font pairing so to reiterate I'll outline some key points.


Include variety: If you want your design to be both visually pleasing and interesting, combine opposite styled fonts. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort and pair up two different style typefaces. For example: combine a handwritten font with a serif font or a script font with thin uppercase text. Protip: don't combine two different script fonts together. Also try and avoid using script fonts for longer sentences and smaller font sizes, such as web addresses. It might become difficult to read. 

Less is always more: Remember that it's called "pairing" for a reason. Keep it simple and don't over do it with too many different fonts. I would avoid using more than 3 different fonts in any given design. Some of the best designs are the simplest without too much busyness.

Don't overthink it: The trick is to experiment with different fonts and sizes to see what goes well together. To be quite honest, font pairing has a lot to do with personal preference so don't be afraid of pairing fonts together. 

Canva is a great place for beginners to start because it doesn't try and drown you in tons of fonts. It's easy to use and it has some great pre-made graphics that you have full customization over. 

Below are some more ideas I've come up to help inspire you to get started.

  • Main Header – Lobster Two
  • Subtext - Julius Sans One
  • Top & Bottom Subtext - Kollektif
  • Main Header – Oswald (Uppercase)
  • Top Subtext - Glacial Indifference
  • Main Header – Knewave
  • Bottom Subtext – Vollkorn
  • Main Header – Playlist Script
  • Bottom Subtext – VT323
  • Main Header – Bebas Neue (Bold and Uppercase)
  • Subtext – Mr Dafoe
  • Bottom Subtext – Coustard
  • Main Header – Creepster (Uppercase)
  • Subtext – Sifonn (Uppercase)
  • Bottom Subtext – Nunito Light
  • Main Header & Subtext – Anton (Uppercase)
  • Middle Subtext – Times Neue Roman (Italic)
  • Bottom Subtext & Website - Old Standard (Uppercase)
  • Main Header – Emilys Candy
  • Website - Rosario (Uppercase & Italic)
  • Main Header – Sanchez
  • Subtext - Anonymous Pro (Uppercase & Italic)
  • Main Header – Hammersmith One (Uppercase)
  • Top and Bottom Subtext - Libre Baskerville (Uppercase & Italic)
  • Top Subtext - IM Fell English Small Caps
  • Main Header – Droid Serif (Uppercase)
  • Bottom Subtext - IM Fell (Italic)
  • Top & Bottom Subtext - Anonymous Pro
  • Main Header – League Spartan (Uppercase)
  • Main Header – Sacramento
  • Subtext - Arvo
  • Secondary Subtext - Gidole (Uppercase)
  • Main Header – Text Me One (Uppercase)
  • Subtext - Raleway (Bold)
  • Bottom Text - Nunito Light (Uppercase)
  • Main Header – Quickand (Uppercase, Bold & Italic)
  • Subtext - Tenor Sans (Uppercase)

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